Still Going Strong

The Jelly Beans

I’m very proud of myself today.  A co-worker offered me a couple of jelly beans, and I ate them, but resisted the urge to go back and have more.  Success #1 – allowing yourself a small taste of something sinful and then moving on.  Next up, a 1-hour Food Show, which is part of my job.  Oh the perils of trying to stay healthy while surrounded by mostly un-healthy food.  My role in Food Shows is primarily to take notes and report back the results, but everyone is welcome to sample the goods.  Afterall, they go in the trash when the sampling is done, something that kills me to watch.  That has always been one of my issues with eating – the feeling that I must clean my plate and not waste any food.  But isn’t it still wasted if it goes in your body and you work to burn it off??  Seriously, what sense does our mothers’ logic make?  So anyway, I had lunch before the food show and also a piece of gum to occupy my mouth and did not taste a single thing.  Success #2 – resisting the urge to eat something just because it’s in front of you.  If you’re not truly hungry, don’t eat it.


I managed to drag my tired, weak self out of bed at 5am to squeeze in a 45-minute chest & back P90x video before work.  I’m definitely feeling like a major wuss in this program.  I think we did well over 100 push-ups today and my hands and knees are rug-burned.  Hmm, maybe a skirt and bare knees was not a good option for work.  I wish I could do the videos at lunch since that’s when I am most energized, and evenings are out of the question.  I don’t usually have too much trouble with morning workouts at the gym or running outside, but that’s probably because there’s a good hour between rolling out of bed and actually starting the workout, whereas there’s only about 10 minutes from bed to P90x.  I’ll stick with it though and hope it gets better.  Afterall, there’s only 2.5 months left until Hawaii!!


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