MacGyver Meals, Part 2

First off, I did decide to weigh-in this morning afterall, and was thrilled that I met my goal of 136 pounds.  At this point, I imagine that the weight loss will be pretty slow since I’m down to the last 10 pounds, so my new goal will be 1 pound per week.  I’ve also decided to do the next Cinch Detox the week of March 7.  I have a wedding to attend that Saturday (March 12) and I’d love to wear a dress that has always been a tad tight.


Starting Weight:   144 pounds  (December 28, 2010)

Current Weight:   136 pounds  (February 25, 2011)

Total Loss:   8 pounds

Next Week’s Goal:   135 pounds (March 4, 2011)


I’m on a role with my creative recipes (aka “MacGyver Meals”) this week!  I made the Crabacado Tacos last night and they were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  And even better, it helped me use up some random ingredients I needed to get rid of.  The only thing I’d change is next time I’ll use a wheat flour tortilla instead of corn.  I just don’t like the strong taste of a corn tortilla – kind of overpowers the other ingredients.  I think I’ll even suggest these to our [Ruby Tuesday] Executive Chef as a possible dish for our restaurants since we have all of these ingredients in-house.

  1. 2 taco-size whole wheat flour tortillas
  2. 2 oz crab meat (I used Ruby Tuesday jumbo lump – leftover from a food show)
  3. 1/4 avocado, chopped
  4. 1/4 cup red cabbage, chopped
  5. Lime wedge / splash of lime juice
  6. 2 Tbs pina colada sauce (mine is leftover from Red Lobster, but you could also make your own.)


Since I had most of the can of crab leftover, and also a bunch of frozen asparagus (more Ruby Tuesday food show leftovers), I found a recipe for Asparagus Crab AuGratin.  I prepped everything last night and plan to bake it and try it out tonight.  I forgot to take a picture of the ingredients, but you can go to the recipe by clicking on the below picture.  I made it as directed except I used low-fat cheese, whole wheat flour, and omitted the butter in the last step.  Looks yummy – we’ll see if it tastes as good as it looks tonight.

I also made some more Sugar-Free Coconut Brownies (click here for the recipe from my January 31 post), and I swear they are the most delectable brownies I have ever had!  I know they would not be deemed “healthy”, but I’d rather have my 100-calories of daily chocolate in the form of a brownie!  They have no sugar and the fat is all healthy coconut oil fat, so they’re really not that bad for you.  I debated trying to make the mix from scratch rather than use a mix, but let’s be honest, Pillsbury really does do it better than I can…

4 thoughts on “MacGyver Meals, Part 2

  1. Hey,
    I came across your blog because my husband and I are starting the 5-day detox on March 5th. Anyway I just read that you aren’t a fan of corn tortillas. I am not either until my husband made some at home and they were MUCH better. It’s pretty easy too. All you need is Maseca (corn flour), water and some salt. Squish the dough with a frying pan, and cook them in a dry skillet for a min. They taste much better fresh.

  2. Rebecca,
    I see that you are starting the cinch again this weekend. I am also going to do it AGAIN starting tomorrow. I did it for the first time in January and started at 148 and got to 141. Then I ate a really healthy diet my trainer gave me for about a month and got down to 135. THEN, I went on a trip for the weekend, ate and drank what I wanted, and came back and just kept riding on that train all this week. The scale is so unforgiving for this kind of mishap! I think I am back up to 138 or 139!

    So, I, like you, feel horrible, fat, depressed, guilty and mad at myself. If I put it in perspective it’s not that huge of a deal but I worked so, so hard. Anyway, I’m going to do the cinch from Fri-Tues and then eat sensibly and try to stay at that weight. I will let you know how it goes and am anxious to see how your next round of The Cinch goes! Good luck!

  3. Hi! Yes, there’s a reason we’re all here – probably because we have issues with food and need some diet assistance. In my case, I’ve now got a business trip plus multiple business meals over the next week, so I’m just going to do the best I can to eat healthyily and then start Detox when all the business stuff is over (probably next weekend?).

    I think this is a great time to remember that quote I posted a few blogs ago… you can’t start over and get a new beginning, but you can start right now and make a new end. Learn from your mistakes… you enjoyed the food for the moment and then felt guilty and fat, right? Think about that next time you’re tempted. It might not always work to sway you, but sometimes it may, and diets are a law of averages, so making those small changes will really add up. GOOD LUCK!

  4. Oh, eating out, and at business meals is a struggle. Good luck. You are right, that is a good idea to keep in mind how I feel today the next time I want to eat junk. “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” is super vain but so true for me. I am actually pumped to start the detox tomorrow and just sort of retrain myself. I will keep you posted, and you will obviously do the same since you have a blog!

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