Is Social Media Healthy?

Hi everyone.  I have been sick for almost a week and thus absent from my blog.  I’m feeling a little bit better today, but also feeling pretty guilty about my frequent ice cream “medicine”, which worked wonders for my sore throat, but obviously did not help my diet.  My meal plan this week will pretty much be whatever I have in my fridge that is somewhat healthy:

  • Breakfast (8am): 6oz. 0% Fage Greek yogurt with 1/4c. granola & 1/4c. freeze-dried fruit.
  • Snack (11:30am):  Apple with peanut butter and lots of Hershey kisses
  • Lunch (3pm):  Salad with carrots and peppers.   Lots more Hershey kisses 
  • Dinner (7pm): 1 cup homemade squash soup and grilled cheese.


I did the unthinkable today – I deactivated my Facebook account.  I must say, they make you feel awfully guilty about it too, with pictures of my family and friends saying “we will miss you… are you sure you want to leave us?”.  They also make it very difficult to actually delete your account, so I just deactivated it for now. 

So why would I want to leave the behemoth of social media networking?  I got a new phone recently that includes a Facebook widget with rolling status updates, and discovered that most of my “friends” are not really friends at all.  If I didn’t know, or even like this person in high school or college, why would I want to keep track of them now and know every detail of their daily life?  And even if I do know and like this person, do I really need to know the details of their potty-training or what they just bought at the store?  Um, NO.  Nor do I like the thought of these “friends” or random strangers perusing around in my own information.  Besides, I’ve always been more of a loner, not keeping up with my real friends after moving over and over again during my military upbringing.  Plus, most businesses have now caught on to social media sites as networking tools and I’m tired of the barrage of marketing and requests to “become a fan on Facebook” e-mails. 

But more importantly, I found that Facebook was more a source of frustration than networking, and simply unhealthy for my personal well-being.  It seemed to be just a personal brag-book for some of my “friends”, and most of what they were posting was based on the fabulous life they want everyone to believe they are living.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I am a naturally competitive person and don’t need the daily reminders of what I don’t have.  At some point, I have to find acceptance with myself and my own life, and Facebook was not helping. 

I’ve actually read several articles about people pulling the plug on social networking sites lately.  Here’s one of them in case you’re interested, and there are tons more if you Google it.

I even debated deleting my blog, but ultimately decided against it because my blog is mostly anonymous.  There’s no personal information about where I live, where I went to school, or even my last name, and my readers are mostly just random strangers who are looking for Cinch Diet recipes.  My blog is basically my personal journal that is not really meant for social networking. 

So there are my random thoughts of the day.  I’m eager to hear some of your opinions on the Social Media debate, whether or not you agree.


One thought on “Is Social Media Healthy?

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I completely understand about how FB can annoy and even unnerve sometimes. I usually just hide those people from my view. An easy fix for me.

    Our daughter has a rare syndrome and FB and blogging have brought together lots of families that would have never connected. It is great for support in tough times.

    Keep blogging…i enjoy your thoughts.


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