TGIF! I hate VPL!!!

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  It’s been a bad week and I need a break.  I’ve been super busy and have also felt crummy all week and have therefore only gotten in only 1 workout since Monday!  Plus, I’m at that scary point of every diet when it feels pointless.  It just seems like no matter how hard I work out, or how well I eat, I’ll always look like this.  And you know, I can handle the way I look for the most part, but there’s one thing that drives me completely batty that I cannot handle… VPL!  OK, if there are any guys reading this, please move on to a new website now….

OK, now that the guys have departed…

I realize there’s a reason I’ve been nicknamed “Ghetto-Bootie” and “Bubble-Butt” my whole life, but hey, didn’t J-Lo make that acceptable back in the 90’s?  So then why can I not find a decent panty that does not show through my pants!   Have I seriously been cursed to spend my life in thongs or else accept my life as a daily fashion faux-pas?  I’ve tried about every different brand and wasted countless dollars, only to result in disappointment.  The only ones that are half-way decent are Victoria’s Secret cotton bikinis, and even those start riding up and showing lines after a couple of washes.  And sometimes it’s worse than just a line… the worst is the dreaded bulge / indention around the panty line.  Yuck!  I always feel like screaming at those people that tell me “honey, why are you on a diet, you’re not fat?”… um, hello, have you seen this problem back here?  And I’m not talking about only in tight pants… today I’ve got on loose-fitting jeans and they still show!!  What the heck?  Yesterday, at an important business function, I was wearing semi-loose-fitting LINED pants, and what did I see when I glanced in the bathroom mirror?  Yep… VPL.  I’ve even tried boy shorts, and they end up riding up and becoming a giant wedgie.

Suggestions anyone?  I’m pretty much at my wit’s end with this problem.


8 thoughts on “TGIF! I hate VPL!!!

  1. The brand is called Hanky Panky.

    They are in between a thong and and panty. They never ride up. Made of stretch lace and never show a panty line. They come in all kinds of beautiful colors.

    They sell them at Lord & Taylor and on line on
    Just type in Hanky Panky and it will take you there. I just ordered some yesterday. I’ve been wearing them for 10 years now and they are the only panties I will wear.

    Good Luck.

  2. Rebecca, I laughed and laughed at this. You unfortunately inherited a rather curvy (for lack of a nicer term) “behind”, and no matter how much you diet or work out, you probably won’t get rid of all the “added curve” you want to. (You got this from BOTH sides of the family.)

    However, for a nice thought… I was bemoaning my figure the other day and Daddy said, “Hey Honey, we are what we are, and I’m happy. Don’t worry about it.” Believe it or not, that DID make me feel better.

    I love you, Mother

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