Chocolate Covered Nuts!

I don’t have must time for a long blog post today, but wanted to let everyone know that I discovered a yummy new diet-approved snack… chocolate covered nuts!  Why not?  We can have dark chocolate and nuts, so why not together? 

I love, love, love macadamia nuts, especially the chocolate-covered variety, so I figured why not combine the two for a little treat today.  I melted down 2 squares of Godiva dark-chocolate (roughly 100 calories) in a glass ramekin by microwaving for 40 seconds and stirring halfway.  Then I poured 1 serving (about 12 whole nuts) into the ramekin and mixed them up.  Finally, I used a spoon to drop each chocolate-covered nut onto a piece of wax paper, spooning any extra chocolate onto the nuts, and put in the refrigerator.  They will be solidified and ready to eat in about 30 minutes.  I bagged them up and brought them to work today and it helped me resist the cake tray!  Sooooo good.  You could pretty much use this same process for any other kind of nut.

My definition of Heaven

One thought on “Chocolate Covered Nuts!

  1. Now that sounds good!! 🙂

    I haven’t been very good today, like you I just can’t say no and I had to be out for lunch today with a friend so I found myself at SONIC of all places!! I TRIED to get the healthiest thing I could find, but of course there is nothing too healthy there so I opted for the JR breakfast burrito without cheese….very heavy it turns out and now I’m feeling SO much guilt for giving in and not finding somewhere else along the way….WHY do we do this to ourselves??

    Kudos to you for resisting the cake tray!!

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