Cinch Spreadsheet

Hi ladies!  Everyone has been asking about the famous spreadsheet, so here you go!  I merged my spreadsheet with Susan’s and there are some great tools in here, including a Weight Tracker, Favorite Recipes (so far), a Menu Planner, and a Grocery List.  Please note that there are 5 total tabs.  Enjoy!

Cinch Spreadsheet 

During this process, I discovered that you cannot upload an Excel Spreadsheet to WordPress due to security / virus concerns.  So, I instead had to upload it to my “Public” folder.  So in case you’ve run across this issue before on your blog, now you know!

*** Special thanks to SUSAN for the awesome spreadsheet! ***

8 thoughts on “Cinch Spreadsheet

  1. Thanks Rebecca & Susan!

    This this will help me so much. Shopping can now be a fun adventure and no over-buying. I still can’t find coconut milk, but, I’ve had great luck discovering lots of new, colorful and exciting foods. It’s great to know that those who come before us can teach us. Today is my last day of the FF de-tox and I’m so looking forward to all those wonderful recipes tomorrow.
    Keep working on new ones – everyone!

    • Hi again, Susan. Have you checked the International section of your grocery store? I usually find coconut milk in the Asian foods section. Be sure and check the ingredient labels to be sure there are not artificial ingredients, added oils, or sugars.

  2. Thanks so much to both of you for creating such useful spreadsheets and to you Rebecca for sharing them. Day one of the fast forward is over and I feel pretty good. Didn’t plan on getting snowed in today, so I will have to hit the grocery store first thing in the morning as I am now out of frozen raspberries.

    Thanks again for all of your inspiration!!

  3. Thank you for posting that Rebecca and for adding your weight tracker to it, that’s awesome! I’m glad we could make it a little easier for everyone!!

    Day 10 and still on track….had a dinner last night with my Red Hat group (I’m a pink hatter ;-D ) and I just made sure I had something from each puzzle piece, watched my portion sizes and skipped the dessert table. Thank goodness someone brought a veggie tray! WHEW!

    Dinner tonight is Turkey and Wold Rice Stuffed Peppers (pg. 125)….Yummo!

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