Cinch Detox Do Over, Day 1

(If you’re looking for a full description of the Cinch 5-day Fast Forward “detox” phase, click here.)

Technically, today is Day 18 of the Cinch  journey, but since I slipped up on more than one occasion last week, and totally blew it at my sister’s house this past weekend, I decided to start over with detox today.  So here we go…

This time around, I decided to change things up a little bit.  First, I bought half Frozen Mixed Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries) and half Frozen Raspberries.  The book confirms that you can sub different berries, but she chose raspberries because of their superior nutritional qualities, so I decided to do a little of both.  Only after purchasing 12 bags at Kroger did I realize that they are over $1 cheaper per bag at Target!!  I’ll remember that for next time… who knew Target had such a good selection of frozen fruit??  I plan to do 2 servings of mixed berries and 2 servings of plain raspberries per day (there are 4 total servings of berries each day, 1 with each meal).  I had the raspberries for breakfast, and they were pretty good, but the mixed berries with my lunch parfait were awesome!  It definitely gives me something new to look forward to.

I also decided to try both Greek Yogurt and Dannon Light ‘n Fit Vanilla Yogurt instead of Non-Fat Plain.  I’ll use the greek yogurt for the smoothies and the other for the parfait.  One of my fellow bloggers noted that the nutritional content of the Light ‘n Fit is almost the same, but it’s much tastier.    I must say, my parfait today was excellent!  So much better than before.  Below are the nutritional comparisons.  As you can see, they are equal in the categories that really count – calories, fat, and sugar.  Surprisingly, the Light ‘n Fit has more potassium and less sodium, but has a few more total carbs and a little less protein.  I’ll more than make up for the difference in protein with the Greek Yogurt, which is also shown below. 

Since I determined in the first round of detox that I really do not care for the taste of raw spinach, especially combined with egg and fruit in a salad, I decided to eat the ingredients for Meal 3 separately: 2 cups cooked spinach + boiled egg + mixed berries with almonds.  It’s amazing to me that a whole bag (2 cups) of fresh spinach cooked down to fit in a small 4-oz container!  So basically I can enjoy it in about 3 bites rather suffer through 30.

Meal Plan for the next 5 Days:

Meals Time
1) Egg & spinach scramble, raspberries &  almonds 7 am
2) Mixed berry parfait with almonds 11 am
3) Cooked spinach, boiled egg, mixed berries & almonds 3 pm
4) Yogurt & raspberry smoothie with spinach & almond butter 7 pm

Today’s Workout:  Weights & cardio circuit (1 hour)


I set myself up for success this week by prepping all ingredients for my 20 meals in advance.  Since the berries shouldn’t be thawed for more than 2 days, I put 2-days worth in the fridge and then the rest are portioned in the freezer.  I plan to use a similar strategy for my second attempt at Phase 2 – prepping and repeating meals for several days to cut down on prep time and negating the excuse to cheat! 

26 thoughts on “Cinch Detox Do Over, Day 1

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m on day 4 of the 5 day detox and things are going really well. I do have a problem drinking the evening smoothie though. I really dislke the taste of berries, yogurt and almond butter blended together – so much so that I’ve been skipping it entirely. Could you you elaborate on your version. Are you blending spinach, almond butter, berries and yogurt? I’d rather eat almond butter alone than add it to anything in this 5 item food group.
    Good luck with your DeTox Do-over!

    • Hi Susan. Have you tried a different berry? The raspberries do make it a little tart, especially with the plain yogurt. Maybe try mixing 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup Light ‘n Fit yogurt (it’s sweeter but has the same sugar content as the plain), and then either mix in the almond butter or eat it plain. I sometimes also toss in a handful of spinach, which is tasteless, but that is not called for in the recipe. It also makes the smoothie green! If that still doesn’t work, try adding a little Truvia. It’s a natural sugar-free sweetener that you can find in your groceries Baking Aisle. Good luck!

  2. Ok so I have to ask;what are your “#2’s” like after eating eggs and berries for five days? I love ur blog! Its very inspirational!

    • Ha ha ha. I will admit that my tummy was a bit upset on the 5th day in my first Detox. However I ended up very “regular” by the end, and that was nice. =)

  3. Your prepping is excellent! I’m on the 2nd phase and that’s exactly what I’ve done. Makes it alot easier for the work week (not to mention making it easier to make a meal for the family and then one for me). I have to say the pitas and tostadas are my absolute favs so far. Very fast to make and taste wonderfull.

  4. Yes, I agree on the prep and planning too. I did all my shopping and prepping yesterday using my handy dandy spreadsheet to keep me on track 🙂

    Today for Breakfast I had the Apple Pecan Breakfast Pilaf…Yummo! One thing I learned though…..I chopped all my apples for the week in my food processor and put them in a bowl thinking I could just add some lemon juice to keep them from going brown….well, not so much. Next week I think I’ll use my magic bullet (about time I get that out again) and chop up the apple the night before.

    For lunch I had the Shrimp Pesto Salad…again, YUMMO!! and the PERFECT amount of food!! I just LOVE her recipes, there has not been one thing so far that I haven’t loved!

    Tonight for dinner I am having the Garlicky Barley Vegetable Chicken Soup….I’ll keep you posted on that one 🙂

  5. Ugh……I completely fell off the wagon. Girl’s night out and then we had company stay with us for the weekend which meant dinners out and lots of food in.

    Back to detox for me……..I feel like Lindsay Lohan.

  6. Thank you sooo much, Rebecca, for letting it ‘be ok’ to have to re-detox…after a great start, my bubble burst with SnOMG 2011 in Atlanta…cooked/baked for the masses and enjoyed every minute of homemade yummies, a few good cocktails and great company. Back to square 1 again, but encouraged that I’m not alone in starting over.

  7. H, Rebecca,
    I am on day 4 of detox and I’ve only lost 2.5 lbs. I think I have been overeating the frozen raspberries – I just read your “dieter beware” warning about how they shrink. Plus I’ve been using frozen chopped spinach for the scramble but fresh baby spinach for the salad, if that affects it at all. Overall it’s been an easy plan to follow and I experienced what you wrote about. The small loss is really disappointing though.
    My husband is allergic to nuts. Do you know if we can substitute?
    (Your blog is what made me start the program so keep up the great work. It helps to know we’re not in this alone).

    • Hi Faye. Try not to be too dissapointed. A lot of what you lose in Detox is water and waste weight, so if you weren’t bloated when you got started, you wouldn’t have as much to lose. Besides, I saw the biggest drop on day 6 after detox was over. As for the almond question, Cynthia Sass’ (author) website says you can sub Sunflower Seeds and Sunflower Butter for the almonds and almond butter. Her website is: Good luck and thanks for checking in!

  8. I’m so glad I stopped by because it makes me feel better that I’m totally off everything this past week and was thinking of restarting the 5 day thing as well.

  9. Last day of detox update: I’ve lost 4 lbs since day 1 so I’m here to tell you not to be discouraged as I was yesterday. I know it’s water and waste but it truly does motivate you to continue to the core.

    • Hooray! Congrats Faye! I’m on day 4 and my stomach is a little upset as I, um, clean out. I experienced this in the first round also so I guess it’s normal. Day 6 is when I expect to see the resulting weight loss, so I’m resisting the urge to weigh in before then. If it’s lower than expected, I’ll end up dissapointed, and if it’s higher, I usually end up feeling so good that I feel that I deserve a “splurge” and then end up on the wrong track again. It’s a dangerous pattern with me that I’m determined to correct!

  10. Love your blog and your opinions about the Cinch and the detox phase. I have a few questions:
    1. Did you run or exercise during detox? I noticed Cynthia says not too? I am addicted to my running and I will really miss it…

    2. Can you cook the 5 day ingredients in a different way? I hate boiled eggs…could I scramble and eat on the side of the salad. What about making baked spinach and egg “cups” so I don’t have to scramble each morning.

    Thanks for your advice and doing such a great job documenting your journey!


    • Hi Kelly. Yes, I did workout, but lightly. The book actually says that working out too much can hurt your results and put your body in starvation mode. To counter this, you can add an egg or serving of yogurt with your breakfast. Yes, you can cook the 5 ingredients any way you want as long as the ingredients (or approved subs) remain the same. I did not care for the salad and therefore cooked the spinach and ate it separately with a boiled egg and cup of raspberries & almonds. Hope that helps!

  11. I am so so so glad I found your blog! I just started the cinch detox and am at the end of day 2. I keep wanting to say forget it but then I come on here and see that other people are doing this cleanse and having success it definitely is helping to keep me going!!

  12. Hi Rebecca
    I have a question about the portions you were talking about I think it was dieters beware. I’m using fresh spinach so I’m confused do I need to make less spinach because it cooks down or more?? Thanks!

  13. Hi Mary Ellen. If you’re using Fresh, the portions should be about right. But I don’t think the book specified whether the 2 cups was raw or frozen, and that makes a huge difference. I basically used 2 cups of packed raw spinach, but it doesn’t have to be exact becuase spinach has almost no calories. 2 cups basically shrinks to a small portion! Hope that helps.

  14. I’m curious about substituting dairy-free yogurt? I’m allergic to Dairy, so I’ve bought Whole Soy & Co. Vanilla yogurt. It’s 160 calories per 6 oz cup, and there are 18 grams of sugar. What do you think?

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