Cinch Day 14

Morning, ladies!  It’s going to be a busy day so I need to keep this one short.  I have a feeling I’ve gained a few pounds back this week (water / waste weight) because I’m eating a lot of carbs and feel bloated.  We’ll see at weigh-in time tomorrow!   I bought some new dark chocolates a couple of days ago (Dove Dark) and am sorry to say that I had a few too many.  See, this is why I can’t do the chocolate thing… I can’t ever just have 1 or 2.  I’m realizing more and more on this diet that I have a lot of bad habits to break.  I always worked out and tried to eat healthy and just assumed I was doing everything right and unsure why I couldn’t lose weight.  On this diet, I’ve come to realize more than ever that I’d been eating too many calories too often or sometimes big meals too infrequently.

Today’s Meal Plan:

Meal Plan Time
Bowl of low-fat / low-sugar cereal, 1% milk 6 am
1/2 apple, sweet potatoes, 10 almonds 10am
Pineapple Avocado Tacos 2 pm
Spinach & eggs 6 pm

Today’s Workout:  Weight & cardio circuit at the gym (1 hour)


3 thoughts on “Cinch Day 14

  1. Hi Rebecca
    today is my last on the 5 day ff and tomorrow i want to start the rest of the 25 days, but i am feeling bit overwhelmed with grocery list and what to do first. i wandered if you have tips that can help. Thank you so much for your blog it is very helpful. I probably would i have quite on the second day if it wasn’t for you. So, thanks

  2. It was a bit overwhelming for me too because so many of the ingredients are not what you’d find in a normal pantry or fridge! And thus I slipped up my first week and fell back into some old habits. However I’m starting over now and feel better prepared for Round 2. I think one thing that would definitely help is picking out a few meals and then repeating them throughout the week so that you can have a smaller grocery list and make them in advance. That is what I plan to do. Check back in and I’ll continue to post tips that help me. GOOD LUCK!!

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