Cinch 5-Day Detox (“Fast Forward”) Recipes

Hi everyone.  Wow – 5,000 hits yesterday!  This diet is getting popular!!

I’m getting a lot of e-mails and comments requesting the recipes for the Cinch 5-day Fast Forward phase.  Although I would love to share them and help everyone achieve their weight-loss goals, I have chosen not to out of respect for the author.  I can only imagine how I would feel if I worked on perfecting recipes and writing a book for a long time, only to have them posted on the web immediately after publishing.  Besides that, I think there is a lot of value in actually reading the book (it’s a quick read) and understanding how and why this diet works for the short and long-term, rather than just copy a few recipes and get started.  Although not a nutrition expert by any stretch, I read about it regularly and have taken several classes, and yet I still learned some new things from the Cinch book that have made me more confident in my journey down this new road.  It was well-worth the $15 investment ( and I still reference it daily despite having already read it and being 7 days into the program.  All that being said, if you’re determined to get the recipes without the book, I have posted the full grocery list and details about each meal in previous blogs, so with a little math, I’m sure you can figure it out. 

Also, just in case you wondered, this blog is simply a hobby and motivational tool.  I am not receiving any compensation of any sort, nor do I know the author or publisher.  I am just blogging about my experience on Cinch in the hopes that it will motivate others as much as it motivates me!  GOOD LUCK!


6 thoughts on “Cinch 5-Day Detox (“Fast Forward”) Recipes

  1. I purchased the Cinch! ebook and I’m almost done reading it. The only problem with the ebook…is that I cannot copy the recipe pages out of it so I can have access while I cook. I’m going to have to go out and purchase a hard copy. Which is fine because I believe it will work for me. I’ve done Quick Weight Loss a few times and its the only diet that has actually worked for me in the past. However, they require that you purchase appetite suppressants high protein supplements which are very costly. After I stop taking the products, my hunger and cravings return. Within a few years I’ve gained all of my weight back.

    I just stumbled across your blog. How long have you been on the diet and has it worked for you??

    • Hi Nancy. I’ve been on the Cinch plan for a little over a month and yes, it worked for me. If you read through some of my older posts, I went into great detail about the outcome of each phase along the way. Good luck!

  2. i got the book from the library but am going to purchase the kindle version I think. I have the recipes copied cause the book has to go back but will want the softcopy in any new books I buy that don’t have color pics in them 😉
    I want to commend you for your position Rebecca. Although you can readily find the actual ingredients online in interviews, I will defer to the book as well when asked about the actual recipes. I am on day 3 of FF-don’t have a scale though so I’m hoping in 2 more days, my jeans fit a lil better and maybe over this weekend I’ll pick up a scale.

    • Hi CupcakeBreath – ha ha ha. Love the name! Good luck with the diet. I promise you won’t be sorry because you do drop weight and feel better really quickly at first. I have admitted recently on my blogs that I’ve fallen into some bad habits again, but I’m still down my original 6 pounds and plan to start over with Detox later this month after I wrap up my business trips. GOOD LUCK!

  3. I read this blog prior to getting the book (which I actually won from and assumed that since you would not share the Fast Forward recipes, that they would actually be in the book. Sadly, you are left on your own to come up with these recipes/ideas for the 5 day fast forward (unless you plan to live on the 4 that are included in the book). Huge disappointment, but I am very skilled in the kitchen and this will be easy for me. Just wanted to let others know, that this is not a recipe book and didn’t want anyone else to be led on 🙂

    • Hi Becky. I’m confused… the recipes are in the book, along with many other recipes for the 2nd phase. I just referred to them again this morning while preparing for my next phase of detox? I think maybe it’s confusing because the recipes are incorporated into the book chapters, and no, it’s not a recipe book.

      Check again – I think you’ll find them! Good luck.

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