Cinch Day 4

Wow, I’m a bit stunned  at how many people are suddenly tuning in to my blog.  As a fairly new blogger that was averaging 3-5 hits per day before Cinch, 400 in one day is so cool!  I hope I can help all of you stay motivated on your diets, just like you do for me! 

It is now Day 4 and I woke up feeling fabulous!  My average days starts at 5am, so I was a little worried how that would go after a very sluggish late start on Days 2 and 3, but I seem to have turned a corner and my body is adjusting to my new diet.  Our bodies are really amazing!  I even had the energy for a quick 15-minutes on my indoor trainer bicycle (I’m training for a 300-mile bike ride in July) before heading to work.  I’ll have to take a picture of that later for those that aren’t familiar with riding your bike indoors during the winter.

My cravings have all but disappeared, and that’s great because I’m surrounded by junk food now that I’m back at the office.  Between food shows (I work at Ruby Tuesday’s corporate office), supplier food gifts, and the various goodies everyone has brought in to clean out their kitchens, it’s a bit overwhelming!  I don’t want any of the junk, but I’m really ready for some grains!  I made some toast for my husband last night and was salivating.  I didn’t crave it at all until I was making it and reeeeeeaaally wanted a bite!  Wednesday’s waffle breakfast, the first meal post-detox, is going to taste amazing!  Oh, and I did run into a couple of new challenges at the grocery store.  I was supposed to buy dried cranberries that are naturally sweetened with fruit juice and non-fat ricotta cheese.  Neither of which is apparently carried at my super-Kroger , not even in the huge Organic section.  I’m going to sub fresh cherries for the cranberries and low-fat ricotta.

I’m going to attempt my normal Monday workout today without bonking: a weight-training circuit and 3-mile jog outside.  We’ll see how it goes . . .

Like my running shirt?  I love these shirts with funny little slogans.  They’re very motivating because I never want anyone to catch me walking when I wear them!  I picked up several different versions at the Disney Marathon.  You can click on the picture to see the store – One More Mile.  Anyway, today did involve some walking.  I’m not sure if it was the lack of calories / carbs or my new Reebok RunTone shoes, but it kicked my butt!  I ended up doing intervals of running / walking for 2.5 miles… still a decent workout.  I’ll have to give a RunTone shoes review later after I’ve used them a little longer.  Today was only my second workout with them and I did seem to be using muscles that I don’t normally feel. 

I’m off to have my 4th meal now while I watch my husband do P90x.  My turn to torture him by playing P90x referee; payback for eating all of my Cadbury eggs while I suffered through another plate of eggs and spinach!


6 thoughts on “Cinch Day 4

  1. Awesome that you are feeling more energized. I have not had any sluggish feelings at all and the food has been easier to eat every day but I admit like you my whole grain peanut butter crackers in my desk drawer here at work is looking oh so good!

  2. Ladies – I JUST finished the book and have been off from work the past 2 weeks from work (I work at a college which is closed over the holidays.) So, I’m just starting today, but I’m skipping the 5-day fast forward (no time to get to the grocery store being the first day back at work, etc.) But, I pretty much had everything I needed. Did the Sonoma deal for lunch (yum…it just felt WRONG eating the Babybel and it was Light!) and the p.b. toast and smoothie for b’fast. Peanut butter and graham crackers, yogurt and tangerine are calling my name about now for snack. Doing turkey sausage and salad with corn for dinner…think I’m hitting all the puzzle pieces…I really need to make some of the recipes. Tried the Chipotle salad last night and it was awesome! Hardest part for me is all the dairy. I’m not a huge milk and yogurt fan (which may be why I can’t shake these 10 pounds — wasn’t getting enough protein and probably too much fat!) Also, I’ve always heard that “nuts are a good source of protein” so I keep wanting to put them in the protein category….retraining my brain! Good luck!!

  3. I’m going to start this on Monday, and I started reading your blog a few minutes ago to see how someone else fared. I have to say two things, though. One, I admire your restraint. Two, is your husband unable to cook his own meals for some reason? If so, I’m sorry, and that’s wonderful of you to make all his food for him. If not – I don’t understand the lack of respect he’s got in not making his own meals and saving you the trouble of doing it for him when you’re trying to take care of your health.

    I’m a single mom with 3 boys aged 8-12, and both my twelve year old and 8 year old actually offered to make their own breakfasts and dinners next week because they’ve seen me break diets before due to making meals for them and his brother (my middle son likes me being overweight, lol). I’m not putting them on a diet, of course, and they’re all very skinny with high metabolism (as I used to be as a child) and they need their protein and carbs and all the yummy stuff I’m trying to avoid.

    If my pre-teen son can understand and respect my need to be healthy, I guess I’m having a hard time understanding why your husband can’t. Unless, of course, he’s unable to make his own meals, in which case I’m very sorry, and you’re simply an angel.

    Either way – your willpower is a thing of beauty.

    • Ha ha ha. I’m sorry I gave that impression! My husband is great and very capable of making his own meals. That’s ironic because he just this week offered to take a cooking class so he can help more. The reality is that I enjoy cooking and like to try and fix him healthy meals. When he makes his own, it usually involves cereal, pb&j, macaroni & cheese, or cheeseburgers! His will power is actually much stronger than mine and he’s been helping me stick to it! =) If I may make a suggestion, start Saturday or Sunday instead of Monday so you can figure out the recipes and prep them for the next few days. Good luck!

      • 🙂 Oh, ok! I’m sorry if that came off as judgmental. Reading it now, I’m a little embarrassed at my tone, lol. That’s wonderful, then, that he encourages you.

        Thank you for the suggestion! I considered starting this weekend, but as a single parent, I think it’ll be easier to start it off while they’re at school for the week, and this way when the weekend starts, I’ll have completed the 5-day torture and can start on something a bit yummier. I’ll probably go shopping over the weekend and plan it out for Monday. 🙂

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