Cinch Day 3

As a morning person, it’s hard for me to deal with barely being able to drag myself out of bed at 9am after 10-hours of sleep!  I was even more sluggish this morning than yesterday, but similarly, my energy seems to be slowly coming back as the day goes on.  I seemed to have some of the signs of extreme hunger today, as pointed out in the book – dizziness and shakiness – so I added a spoonful of almond butter with my breakfast and also went ahead and had my daily 1/4 cup of fresh-squeezed tangerine juice.  The book actually says to add an egg or scoop of yogurt for this problem, but I had already eaten the almond butter before I read that… oh well, I’ll just cut it down by a Tablespoon in my smoothie this afternoon.

My next challenge – back to the grocery store today to pick up some items for Phase 2, which starts Wednesday after I complete the 5-day fast-forward detox phase. I’ve picked out a few meals from the book (or you can also get them in the latest edition of Shape) and they look way too delicious to be diet food! Check it out:

"Fruity Waffle Sundae" (from Shape)

Fruity waffle sundae (shape)
Avocado dip with crackers (111)
Salmon ginger rice bowl (128)
Stuffed peppers (shape)
Fruity waffle sundae (shape)
Avocado dip with crackers (111)
Salmon ginger rice bowl (128)
* Office party *

Berry smoothie & almond toast (96)
Cranberry parmesan popcorn (107)
Pineapple avocado tacos (110)
Stuffed Peppers (shape)


"Cheese and Quinoa Stuffed Red Pepper" (from Shape)

Don’t those sound amazing?  You’ll notice that I tend to repeat meals, which is so I can use up all of the ingredients, and also so I can prep them in advance in bulk for lunches and snacks at work.  I love the fact that the book (and magazine) include recipes for 1 person, however you’ll still have leftovers.  For example, each of the above avocado recipes only calls for 1/4 avocado.  I think I’ll not plan out the weekends and instead use them to make dishes that utilize my leftover ingredients, while still following the guidelines set out in the book.  Yes, you can eat out or make something not included in the given recipes if you wish, although you must follow the Cinch guidelines.  I’ll go into that later.

I am craving a long run, but I don’t think that’s in the cards today.  Despite the beautiful January weather that includes sun and 50 degrees, my body is saying not to even think about lacing up the running shoes.  I guess I’ll have to settle for a long, slow walk. 

Oh, did I mention I was down 3 more pounds today to 137?  Yes, I was quite shocked.  I know it’s not possible to lose 7 pounds of fat in a week, so that only leads me to believe that I had 7 pounds of… um, waste… built up.  Think about that next time you gorge on holiday goodies for a month!  No wonder those pants were too tight at Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Cinch Day 3

  1. I am on Day 4 and my worst day was Day 2, but I had to get up early to drive my daughter to the airport that morning, so I think sleep was also an issue. I had hunger attacks all day. What helped me the most was making a big pot of green tea ( I used green tea with raspberry in a big Teavana clear pot that pours out the bottom to work, and kept it on my desk). I drank tea and water all day and at 3:30 made sure to have the Zesty Cinnamon Basil Berry Tea to be able to make it dinner time. I feel the green tea helped me to truly detox. Day 3 was my best day ever…I felt on top of the world and was a very happy friendly person that day. ..hunger urges non-existent I am wondering if people at work thought I was on something now. I have lost 5 pounds so far and my belly is going down. I have about 20 pounds to lose total and am worried about now going to the recipes after day 5, including bread, etc. I feel the weight loss won’t be as rapid, and I will have to now plan more…very worried about that. I like it when I am told what to eat each day. I want to tell all my friends about this book, but feel it is marketed more as a fast diet…and there are so many. I found this book in the Medical Section of the bookstore, not the Diet/Food section, and in reading the book I feel it is definately a medical book that we all should learn about given how processed our food has become. I am going to re-read it several times. I bought fresh and frozen raspberries…the frozen brand was Wyman’s – no sugar and good!! Love the almond butter..want to eat the whole jar at times!

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