Cinch Day 2

Hello world.  Lots of new activity on the diet blogs today – I guess everyone is researching their New Year’s Resolutions!  If you decide to follow the Cinch diet plan, join the conversation and let’s help keep each other motivated! 

Day 2 went well, although I woke up very tired and sluggish.  I guess it’s my body’s reaction to the lack of complex carbs.  However once again I was not hungry between meals, which is still a big surprise considering this detox phase is only about 1,100 calories per day.  Meals 1 (scramble) and 2 (parfait) were the same as yesterday, but I decided to reverse 3 (salad) and 4 (smoothie).  For one thing, a smoothie seems better as a late afternoon snack rather than dinner, and I wanted to actually sit down and have a plate of food with my husband!  I also decided not to make the actual salad today, but instead eat the ingredients separately.  I sliced up the egg and sprinkled it with pepper, then sautéed the 2 cups of spinach with a little vinegar, and had the raspberries and almonds as dessert.  Yum!  Isn’t it amazing how much spinach shrinks when it’s cooked?  The plate below is actually a saucer!

Another thing I noticed today – frozen raspberries shrink when thawed!  Dieter beware!  Since this phase is built on eating exactly the items and quantities described, it’s important to watch your portions.  I tried to buy exactly the right amount of product at the grocery, but noticed today that I was running out of raspberries too quickly, and those babies weren’t cheap!  So I poured a bag that is supposed to be 2.5 cups frozen into a measuring cup and discovered that the thawed product shrunk down to almost half – 1.3 cups!  So to even things out, I cut down on my dinner portion and will portion them out while still frozen tomorrow. 

Although I haven’t had any significant cravings, it has been a little tough to prepare two meals – one for me and one for my husband.  Plus, I realized that I’m bad about nibbling as I cook.  I caught myself several times going to clean the spoon while fixing one of his meals, but thankfully caught myself each time.  I suppose it would be even more difficult with children, and I have a new respect for mothers out there who try to diet while juggling multiple meals for their family. 

So below is the temptation I had to deal with at dinner while I munched on my egg and spinach, a low-cal / low-carb spaghetti bake.  Although it probably looks sinful, it’s actually not as bad as you might think.  I used shirataki noodles (“the miracle noodle” – no calories, fat, or impact carbs!), beef, light pasta sauce, and light cheese on top.  The shirataki noodles are pretty similar to regular pasta in texture, although a little rubbery.  You can do a Google or YouTube search for them if you want to learn more, or click on the picture below to see th store where we get ours online.  Supposedly they are also sold at Asian grocery stores, but I prefer to purchase online rather than running around town for a single item.   My husband is a “meatitarian”, so I have to do what I can to help keep him healthy since I don’t think he’ll ever agree to eat my “rabbit food”.  Ha ha ha. 

Shirataki Noodles - "The Miracle Noodle"


Despite being sluggish today, I managed to get in 30 minutes of cycling (indoor bike trainer), plus some push-ups, dips, and sit-ups.  Although the Cinch plan is supposed to work regardless of exercise, it’s still recommended that everyone get a minimum 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day.  I love to workout, so this aspect of dieting has never been a problem for me.  Turning down a plate of brownies is another story, but so far that temptation has not struck.  Hopefully my sweet cravings will subside, as promised in the book, before I go back to work on Monday.  Afterall, I work for a restaurant company and there’s always food around! 

Good night.

11 thoughts on “Cinch Day 2

  1. I’m just about done with day one and I don’t know what the problem is my but the frozen raspberries just don’t cut it. I tried the brand you bought here and they still smelled funny. I’m wondering if it is actually my Publix?

    I ended up buying some fresh but I can’t buy all fresh because that would be $100 so I’m not quite sure what to do other then try another store to see if there were issues with my store.

    Does your frozen taste a lot different then fresh? Mine actually had a strange smell to them both brands I bought.

    • Hmm. They didn’t smell funny, but yes, they did taste a little different. It’s possible that they were temperature-abused at some point in the cold chain before or after they got to your grocery store. Being in the food business myself, I can tell you that it’s a miracle anybody gets food at the right temperature as far as it travels!

      You can also sub strawberries – which are much cheaper and more readily available in frozen form.

  2. Have you tries Quinoa Pasta? It is really good (and filling). I used it when I did “The Female Body Breakthrough”.

  3. Thanks so much for your blog. It has been my lifeline to guide me through this process. I am on day 3. I was so energetic and happy yesterday and today…not so much. I’m sluggish, dizzy and a little fuzzy brained. I will stick with this though, because I know you got through it and came out the other side 9 pounds lighter! Thanks so much for your guidance and encouragement.

    • Hi Viking Girl. Glad I could help! Did you finish up your 5 days succesfully? How much did you lose? Don’t be dismayed if you gain a couple back when you add back regular food – that’s normal. Just move on to the next phase of the program. Good luck!!

  4. I just started the 5 day fast forward. I am really having a hard time with the raspberries. One they are very expensive for the amount we need to have each day. I can’t afford that nor do I really like the taste. Can I have blueberries instead or will that mess up the plan. Also is it a must to have the Almond butter? I found some in my local supermarket but it has other ingredients besides almonds.

    Thanks, Stacie W.

    • Hi. You can sub other berries. I actually use the frozen raspberries sometimes (much cheaper) and mix them with fresh strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, all of which are in peak season right now! As for the almond butter, it definitley needs to be all-natural and not have any added oils or salt. Try the organic section of your supermarket. Target also carries a great version of their Archer Farms brand – which is stored next to the peanut butter. If all else fails, there’s always, or just eat plain almods instead and don’t mix them into the smoothie. Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks Rebecca this was a big help. I bought the frozen raspberries the store brand and they are the same price as the fresh. Glad I can use mixed berries. Getting ready to make my parfait for lunch. I will say this is only day one for me I am anxious for day 5. Feeling a little lightheaded not use to this.

  6. Not to fond of the salad for dinner. I have no problem eating spinach, there is just not enough flavor. For dinner tomorrow I am going to eat everything separate. Looking forward to the smoothie I am hungry already.

  7. Me neither! I ate them separately and liked it much better. Cook the spinach and have it with a side of 1 hard boiled egg + berries + almonds.

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