Happy Thursday, it’s Cinch-Eve!

Hi everyone.  Wow, I’m so flattered to suddenly have so many new followers!  That is so motivating!!  Although I am not officially starting Cinch until tomorrow (I’m cleaning out my fridge + the book will arrive today!), I’ve done very well this week.  I haven’t missed a workout, and more importantly, I haven’t touched sugar despite the leftover holiday candy luring me from the candy dish!  I was tempted to throw it out or take it to work, but my little brother was so excited to give me the bags of candy he’d found (Cadbury Christmas eggs), so I’ll keep them around for company and work on my will power. 

On a totally different subject, has anyone tried Maybelline’s new “Red Revival” lipstick?  According the advertisement, it’s the best red lipstick ever.  I’ve always wanted to try red, but after wasting many hours in the makeup aisle, plus several failed attempts at actually wearing it in public, including my boss teasing me about how it “just doesn’t look right on you”, I gave up.  I’m always skeptical of any claim in a magazine or other advertisement, but I had great Walgreen’s coupon that almost negated the cost, so I decided to go for it.  I did have to go to 3 different Walgreens before I found one that had it in stock, and I got my latest Shape magazine in the mail yesterday and there’s a feature about this same lipstick.  OMG!  This is truly the best red lipstick ever!  For someone with fair, blotchy, olive skin, I couldn’t believe this color could actually looked good on me, but it does!  Even my husband, who normally avoids me when I’m wearing dark lipstick, has told me several times that it flatters me.  You can be the judge: 

Maybelline Red Revival Lipstick

I promised to post my daily food journal, so here you go.  I’ve basically eaten the same things for 3 days as I try cleaning out what little I had in my fridge.  I’m assuming I’ll post something similar when I start the Cinch program.  So it’s off the grocery tonight to stock up on organic spinach, raw almonds, frozen raspberries, Eggland’s Best eggs, and Dannon non-fat plain yogurt (the brands are just my personal preference).

Food Description Calories Fat Carbs
Fruit & protein smoothie 300 4 30
Apple 110 0 24
10 almonds 70 6 1
Baked potato with sour cream 200 3 35
Large salad w/ veggies, lt dressing 300 6 15
Teriyaki chicken 150 1 5
Broccoli with cheese 130 5 4
Pineapple 78 0 18
Grand Totals 1338 25 132
Workout – 15 min cycling; Weights + Elliptical   yes

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