Hump Day

Why do they call Wednesday, “hump day”?  Actually, I know why, it’s the middle of the week, getting over the “hump” until Friday, but it just doesn’t sound right.

Anyway, it’s Day 9 of my healthy eating experiment.  Other than a brownie binge on Sunday night, I’ve been doing great!  I managed to survive all this time without touching the candy jar in our office, and it gets a little easier every day.  My goal is not to swear off bad food forever, just to get over my cravings and find some healthy balance.  I figured it would take my body 2 weeks to rid itself of the sugar cravings, so techinically I’m only on Day 3 since I slipped up Sunday.   But as most trainers / nutritionists will tell you, a bad meal once a week is OK, so I’m not beating myself up over it.  Besides, I’ve had kick-ass workouts almost every day and I’m pretty sure I burned those brownies off on Monday!  I’ll be eager to check the scale on Friday, although I also have to remember that this is a slow process and it might not have moved much.  Even the slightest change is motivation enough to keep going.  A few months ago, I declared to be 130 (lbs) by 30.  I failed miserably at that, gaining a couple pounds with a month-long sugar-fest, but discovering a gorgeous dress that was just a tad small gave me new motivation to get back on track, and here I am.

I used this picture a while back, but it seems appropriate to post again…


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