Can a budget improve my health?

My husband and I are suddenly facing a drastic 60% decrease in household income and have to start making some major budget adjustments.  First to go are restaurant dinners, take-out lunches, and my almost daily indulgence from the vending machine or nearby bakery.  It’s no longer a matter of going out because we don’t feel like preparing food at home – we can’t afford it!  We have always been pretty health conscious, faithful gym-goers, and usually make good choices at the grocery store, but we both have a major sweet tooth and have been struggling with a few pudge pounds since college that just won’t budge.  Until we started analyzing our budget, we had no idea how much money were spending (or calories consuming) on eating out!   We have started getting creative with food.  Planning our menu in advance and buying only what we need at the grocery; preparing enough lunches every Sunday to last the whole week; and making dinners at home a special time to enjoy our food and talk about our days.  I also made room in our small yard for a garden and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, spinach, and a few herbs.  I have never been more excited to eat vegetables! 

Also on the chopping block are most of our entertainment expenses.  So now we find ourselves getting more creative for entertainment – nightly walks around our neighborhood, biking on the country roads near our home, hiking, Scrabble marathons, and Netflix movies.

I’m very curious to see how these new budget cuts will affect my health.  Will I finally lose those stubborn 8 pounds now that I’m eating healthier and am more active on my down-time?  Only time will tell.

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