Turning 30

It’s been a few months since my last blog and tomorrow I turn the big 3-0.  I took a vacation day and planned to sleep in, go on a long walk with my dogs, treat myself to lunch and a movie, then do a little shopping.  Until reality kicked in… spent my birthday budget on and that a new car battery, A/C repairs, hood lever replacement, oil change, and a root canal.  Sounds like what every girl wants for her birthday, huh?  Sigh…

But this is life, right?  I can think of so many “shoulds” right now… I should feel grateful that we can afford the $800 car repair & dental bills, that my husband and I both still have decent jobs with good pay, that I’m still in good shape despite increasing difficulty as we age, that I have a good husband who loves me and a nice house and a nice life.  But was it too much to ask to have one nice day to myself, free of worry, without car or dental woes?

I did not dread this birthday, actually I looked forward to it from a career perspective.  30+ seems so much older and wiser and I want to be taken seriously in my job.  It’s not starting off so well, but perhaps things can only get better from here.  Here’s to hope!


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