Weekend Recovery

I had a fun girl’s weekend with my mom, sister, and mom’s friend.  It was fun except that as always, I threw my diet out the window and snacked way too much.  It was not totally a loss though; I opted for a healthy salad and fruit for lunch on Saturday instead of sandwiches and cookies, and chose a couple of side dishes at lunch on Sunday instead of the many fried options.  I think that following a realistic, healthy lifestyle is about making good choices most of the time, so I’m not beating myself up.  I actually feel great today… I slid into a pair of pants that were tight when I stashed them away in October and now they fit quite well!

I’m ditching the food journal.  My husband pointed out that I was obsessing over it too much and trying to be too strict with everything.  That’s no way to live.  The food journal always helps me to figure out what I’m eating and remind me of the nutritional content of my frequently-eaten foods, but I think I’m comfortable enough with it now to go it alone.

I must remember tonight to take a picture of my little vegetable garden.  It’s doing quite well!


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