Manic Monday

Just like the song says, “just another manic Monday, wish it were Sunday…”

I just wrapped up a killer workout that reminded me that I’m not in as good a shape as I’d like to be!  It was a “run training” class that should have been called “hilly hell” instead.  Holy crap.  I can run 26.2 miles but feel like I’m going to be sick after 4 miles of non-stop hills?  These weren’t small hills either, these were 1/4 mile East Tennessee hills.  But I survived and the weather was so nice it made the run a little easier to bear.

I’ve decided to set a new goal.  I’m turning 30 in June and ironically, my goal weight is 130 pounds.  So 130 by 30!  Has a nice ring doesn’t it?  It doesn’t sound like much since I’m only 135 now, but those 5 darn pounds (plus a few more from time to time) have eluded me for 15 years!!  So it’s now or never.  If I give it my best effort while maintaining a healthy caloric intake and still can’t do it, I’ll accept that 130 is not an ideal weight for me.  I’ll start tracking my progress on the sidebar.

Monday Food Journal

Food Description Cal Fat Carbs
Greek yogurt, fruit, granola 180 1 18
24 almonds, hazelnuts 160 14 3
Banana 100 0 21
Black bean & mango salad 280 6 38
SmartPop Mini Popcorn 125 2 18
2 crab cakes 225 9 15
Small side salad w/ lt dressing 100 1 1
1 cup 2% milk 120 5 11
Grand Totals 1290 38 125
Vitamins     Yes
Workout – Running Class     Yes

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