The Garden Experiment

I decided to try and grow my own food this year.  I’ve grown tomatoes before, but this year I’m expanding into squash, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, spinach, swiss chard, carrots, and a few herbs.

The first step was starting the seeds.  After a trip to my local Lowes, where I was completely overwhelmed by the seed selection, I chose some that were recommended by the Farmer’s Almanac for beginners like me:  Next I purchased some inexpensive and biodegradable little pots that I will use to get my plants started, and then plant the pot directly in the ground in about 6 weeks.  Next I went home and filled each pot about 1/3 full with soil, sprinkled 2 to 3 seeds in each, or as the package directions indicated, then topped them off with more garden soil.  I placed each pot in a big plastic serving tray for easier watering and maintenance, then added lots of water!

My garden, February 20.

I will keep them safe in my kitchen near a big window for now and perhaps move them outdoors during the day if the temperatures warm up a little.  So far our East Tennessee March is more like January!!

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