Wonderful Weekend

What a glorious February weekend!  After a month of below-average temperatures, we are having 60’s and sun this weekend.  Bill and I went out to a lovely neighborhood that has a great running trail through the middle, plus a bike lane on the road.  He rode his bike and I attempted my first 5 mile jog since the marathon.  It was wonderful.

The rest of the day was pretty restful.  I found an awesome new recipe on the back of a Bush’s Black Beans can – Black Bean & Mango Salad – so I tried that for lunch.  YUM!!  I have posted the recipe on my Recipes link.  I changed it a little bit, omitting the jalepenos and olive oil.  I’m sure it would be great as a topper for chicken also, but I’m avoiding most meats these days.  Working in the food industry, you learn more about food processing than you ever wanted to know, and it’s really turned me off to meat… no need for details. 

Anyway, so then I tried my hand at homemade granola bars.  I’ve been trying to figure out ways to add more whole grains to my diet, but that has been surprising difficult without a lot of unwanted sugars and other added ingredients.  We used to buy lots of granola bars as a grab-and-go breakfast or snack, but the cheap ones are loaded with sugar and other stuff I don’t want in my body, and the good ones are expensive.  So making our own granola bars seemed like the ideal solution.  You can customize them to your tastes with different nuts, dried fruits and other extras, plus reduce or eliminate the sugar.  We ended up making ous with dried cherries, unsweetened coconut, and dark chocolate chips.  They turned out great and I look forward to trying more variations.  I have posted the recipe on my Recipe link.  Enjoy!


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