Addicted to Sugar

Crack Co-Cake

Hi.  I’m Rebecca and I’m an addict… for sugar.  I’ve been hooked on sugar for most of my life and despite knowing the harm it does to my body, I can’t seem to stop eating it.  Sometimes I’ll succeed at going a few days or even a week without it, and then I’ll decide to treat myself to one little piece, and the next thing I know, I become the sugar monster and am eating everything in sight. 

I have tried various means to combat my addiction – not keeping any contraband in the house, taking appetite supressants when I know I’ll be in tempting situations, and trying to fill up on other foods.  All of these methods work in the short-term, but they don’t address the bigger problem of why I want sugar so badly to begin with and my will-power fails?  We can’t always control when temptation is going to strike, so instead I must figure out a way to deal with it more healthily. 

Here are a few good articles I found as I continue to battle this addiction:

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