Workout Classes

I just got done with a “Butts & Guts” workout class.  It was a good class, very tough, but do you ever go to these classes and end up feeling like the biggest wimp?  I’m pretty strong for a girl and lift moderate to heavy weights at least twice per week, and I’m usually one of the younger, fitter ones in these classes, and yet some of the moves I just cannot do.  They end up hurting my back, neck, and knees, or, my body just plain refuses.  There was one move where we were lying on our backs and doing these crazy maneuvers with a stability ball.  At one point we were supposed to be raising our abs/butt off the floor and also lifting a leg off the ball.  Well I tried and that just wasn’t happening at all.  Yet I looked around and everyone else seemed to be fine.  Very deflating.  Plus, I have a feeling I might be hurting a little bit tomorrow on my 12-mile run.


One thought on “Workout Classes

  1. Hang in there girl, and don’t get discouraged by that! I’d put money on the fact that a lot of people in your class probably couldn’t run for 12 miles…we all have unique strengths, right? 🙂

    Have a great day….

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