About Me

I’ve seen these in some other blogs recently and think it’s a great way to get to know each other better…

Blog Title: Rocky Top Rebecca  (I live in Knoxville Tennessee, and even though these are the Smoky Mountains instead of the Rockies, it’s known as “Rocky Top, Tennesee”, hence the UT fight song.)

First and middle name: Rebecca Anne

 Married or single?  Married, and he’s amazing.

What do you do for a living?  Manage transportation and logistics for Ruby Tuesday at their corporate office.

Why did you start blogging?  I was inspired by “Angie’s Appetite”!  It started out as mainly a food journal, and has now grown into just about whatever is on my mind that day.

How long have you been blogging? About 4 months.

Favorite workout:  A long run on the greenbelt by my office.

Favorite breakfast: Favorite or my usual?  My favorite is probably quiche or waffles with bacon, but my usual is a spinach & fruit smoothie.

Favorite vegetable: Green peas.  Add a little butter and salt, mmmm…

Favorite recipe website: These days it’s all my blogging buddies!  You guys have such good ideas and I try to share mine as well.

Favorite vacation: So far my favorite has probably been Cabo San Lucas, although we try somewhere new every year so I’m sure that will change.

Dog or cat?  Dogs – 2.  Jasmin and Oscar.

Chocolate or vanilla?  Depends on my mood and what toppings are available.

Favorite ice cream?  Graeter’s black raspberry chocolate chip.  OMG – this is the best ever.  Darnit, now I’m cravng it and I can’t get it around here.

Favorite “less-healthy” food:  Graeter’s black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. 

Favorite stress-reliever: Jogging or movies.

Best advice:  Be yourself.

What did you eat for breakfast today? Pumpkin oats, courtesty of “Kubicle Kitchen”.


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