Product Reviews

Hello all.  It’s a beautiful fall day (finally!) and I’m feeling good.  Today I would like share my reviews of a few products I’ve tried recently. 


Funky Monkey “Purple Funk” freeze dried bananas with Acai  Funky Monkey

I came across these at a health food store and was very excited becuase I fell in love with a Dole version a few years ago at a food show, but they never went to market.  I had also found a few other varieties of freeze-dried bananas, but all were really expensive.  These weren’t cheap either, but so delicious!  About $2.40 for a small bag at the health food store, but I found them on Amazon for the equivalent of abut $1.80 per bag.  They look a little funny so the “purple funk” name is appropriate, but they’re like a sweet, healthy chip!  Cruncy and delicious.  Perfect to eat plain or add to plain yogurt or oatmeal. 


Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut BarsKashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

I’m not usually a big Kashi fan.  I’ve tried a lot of different ones because I know they are healthy, but usually they taste too plain and grainy for my taste.   My sister bought these for a recent road trip and I decided to give them a try.  Yum!  The chocolate on the top is a little gooey, more like jam, but it tastes good.  Definitley the best of the Kashi bars in my opinion. 


Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipgloss

Revlon Colorstay Lipgloss

This stuff really does what it says – it stays put the entire day!  I bought a daring dark mauve color called “relentless raisin”, applied it at 6am, and it was still going strong after 3 meals and a long sweaty workout without re-application!  Even when it came time to wash it off around 8pm that evening, it took a little rubbing with my face wash.  Love it!  My only issue was that my lips got dry and I layered on a Clinique lip shear around lunch time, which got a little flaky, not a good combo I guess.  I’ll try a plain lip gloss next time.  Overall, I loved it! 

So that’s it for my reviews today.  Need to re-focus on work and eat my Kashi bar before heading out for a 5-mile run!


Daily Meal Tracker: Pumpkin oats (thanks Kubicle Kitchen!) for breakfast, apple with peanut butter for snack, baked potato with salsa and black beans for lunch, chicken and bean soup for dinner with milk.

One thought on “Product Reviews

  1. glad your having a beautiful feel good day! I’ve never heard of those purple funk bananas. I’ve tried the pumpkin kashi bars like that and I didn’t really like them. They were a bit too sweet and the gooey top was kind of weird for me. mmmm pumpkin oats, those are yummy!
    Thanks for the comment, you know I felt my job was dull too! haha

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