Stop the madness!

Oh my goodness, what is wrong with me?  I want to eat anything and everything sweet.  Stop the madness!  I was doing so well yesterday, and then I got super busy at work and the next thing I know I’ve scarfed down two full-size Twix bars and a regular-size bag of M&M’s!!  Oh, but it didn’t stop there, then I proceeded to break out the cookie dough when I got home, before baking a few.  So I’d estimate I ate the equivalent of 7 or 8 small cookies.  I’m embarassed to even write that.  What in the world makes me so ravenously hungry for sweets sometimes?  See, this is why it’s got to be all or nothing.  Moderation does not work for me!  Having a little bit only makes me want more and more.  Sugar is very addictive.

Today didn’t start out much better.  I started out with a pineapple coconut smoothie, not so bad, but then I had brought some cookies to share after resisting the urge to finish them off last night.  I shared a few and ate the last 3 myself.  Now I’m mad at myself for doing this to myself.  I mean what’s so hard about controlling what goes into your mouth? 

Normally after these types of binges, I’d forego the gym also since I’d already blown my day.  But the marathon training schedule on my desk has reminded me that I cannot skip or I’ll embarass myself come January and have to ride on the Mickey Mouse bus-of-shame.


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