Feeling like… Winter?

What happened to Fall??  One week we’re at 80 degrees and the next we’re under a freeze warning?  I usually love Fall, but this one has been pathetic so far.  Rainy nearly every day, and now freezing cold.  Ahh, all this cold weather makes me want to bake.  So far this weekend I’ve made three batches of cookies – regular chocolate chip, double chocolate cherry, and oatmeal apricot. Yum!  Don’t worry – I didn’t actually bake all of them.  I baked a few of each and froze the rest of the dough for later.  All three turned out amazing if I do say so myself.  I’m not usually a big fan of oatmeal, but those were actually my favorite.  I’ve posted the recipe on my “Favorite Recipes” page.  Oatmeal apricot cookies

I haven’t been out to run yet this weekend.  I normally like getting up early and getting it over with, but I just couldn’t bear to get out of my nice warm bed to go out in the bitter cold.  So now it’s nearly noon and I really should get going.  For one thing, a good long run would curb the sugar binge I’ve been on the past few days.  At least I’ve got some good new music on my iPod to keep me motivated.  Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


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