“Cookies are a sometime food.”

Coooie Monster on Diet

My feelings exactly when I really want a cookie.

Ok, seriously… what do you do when the cookie monster attacks and fruit is not going to cut it?  My husband and I were recently discussing the changes that come with age and the fact that I can no longer eat my beloved cookies and candy every day.  But it becomes so much a part of your daily routine that it becomes nearly impossible to reverse without feeling deprived, and that ultimately leads to a binge.   This is the last real challenge I have in my diet.  I’ve mastered healthy cooking, navigating the grocery store, packing healthy meals for work, and I’ve never had an issue with fast food, but then there’s those ever-present sweets.  I tried not keeping them in the house at all, so then I end up over-eating them at work when I really get desperate.  Still a work in progress.

On another note, I just ate the most amazing bowl of white chicken chili.  It’s one of my favorite healthy things at Ruby Tuesday, so I decided to try and make it.  Yum!!  I’ve posted the recipe on the “Favorite Recipes” link.


One thought on ““Cookies are a sometime food.”

  1. I know!!! I have a sweet tooth too…… As long as I don’t have it in the house I’m fine…. but if there’s a bag of cookies in the pantry it doesn’t stay there long! 😀

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