Healthcare Debate – should you get a discount for being healthy?

I was listening to NPR this morning (yeah I know- I’m getting old), and they were discussing the latest health care debate and whether or not companies should offer discounts to those who are healthier – healthy weight, good cholesterol and blood pressure, etcetera.  They were debating back and forth and I can see both sides of the argument.  One the “pro” side, those that work hard to maintain (or improve) their health, should be rewarded, which can also help to curb our nationwide obesity issue.  On the “con” side, why should those that have medical conditions be punished, and could this be used as a back-door way for employers to weed out unhealthy employees?

What do you think?  Given that I’ve always made an effort to stay healthy, it has long annoyed me that I have to pay so much for healthcare even though I maybe go to a doctor once per year and rarely have prescriptions.  So basically most of the money I’m paying is going for other people’s healthcare anyway.  Bring on the discounts!  I do see the concern with those that have medical issues, but let’s be honest, most of the obese people in our country did not get that way because of a medical condition.  Usually it’s the other way around, hence our medical crisis.


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