What if today was your last?

It’s been a pretty tough year for our family.  It seems like every few weeks there’s a new family emergency.  I went 21 years without attending a funeral and apparently these past few years, I’m making up for lost time.  We lost another yesterday afternoon – it was very unexpected as she was only 51 and in seemingly good health.  Even though that side of my family had grown a little distant, I still feel shocked and saddened by the news.  It just seems so strange to picture loved ones and then realize that they’re no longer there.  It was just 2 months ago that we saw her at my cousin’s wedding. 

My husband and I were gearing up for our first long bike ride together when we got the news.  We still went and it was a great way to clear my head, although there was a 1/2 mile section where we were on a main road with cars and I kept thinking about how if one of these cars swerves, this could be my last day too.  Just a little reminder to me that I need to live each day to the fullest because it could be my last.


2 thoughts on “What if today was your last?

  1. Oh man….. so true. I lost someone close to me a few years ago and still haven’t fully recovered. It’s tough but you said it best…. “live each day to the fullest because it could be my last.”
    Amen sister!
    So sorry for your loss. (((hugs)))

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