When I’m in the right mood, there is nothing quite like the joy of shopping.  And when I say “in the right mood”, I mean worthy of being in front of a dressing room mirror all day… hair and make-up looking good, feeling toned and fit, overall confidence at peak levels.  Fat and ugly days (yes honey, I do have those, but you’re sweet for telling me I don’t) are definitely not good shopping days.  I read once in a Hepburn-era style book that there is no better feeling than being well dress.  I would agree that when I feel well dressed, I feel unstoppable.  I recall my mother encouraging me to dress up more my sophomore year in college, after spending my first year wearing sweats and slouchy jeans most every day, like everyone else.  I took her advice, dressing up more, even for 8am classes, and everything started to change for he better.  Not to say my clothes were the only reason, but they made me feel better about myself and confidence is a powerful tool.

Anyway… so I was in this mood last night and my husband was not present to chaperone.  My first stop was Ross.  Has anyone else discovered this store?  Amazing!  I recall not being crazy about it on my first visit because I was overwhelmed by the endless racks of stuff, but the recent admiration of a friends shoes made me rethink my position.  It does take a little more work to sift through the endless options (thrill of the hunt!), and the dressing rooms are awful (think flourescent lighting and bad mirrors), but you can really find some great deals.  Case in point… I came across this lovely royal blue Calvin Klein dress with little buckles on the side, a size 2.  Definitely too small for me, but then again it didn’t look like a 2, so I decided to try it.  Whoa!  It fit like a glove and looks amazing!  I’m guessing it was marked incorrectly and that’s why it’s at Ross for $45 instead of some fancy department store, but it works out great for me!  A couple hours later I stop at Dillard’s (nice department store for those who may not be familiar) and guess what I saw?  The same exact blue dress for on a manequin $120!  I love finding a great deal on something I love! 

Next I perused Dillard’s shoe department, one of the few good shoe departments in town.  I started in the sale racks before drifting to the new Fall styles.  That’s when I saw them.  You know that feeling – when you’re just drawn to something and you don’t know why.  At first I thought they looked a little crazy with their huge platform heels and wild colors, but I just had to try them on…BCBG "Devona" ShoesWow – 5 inches with the platform.  I’m seeing the world from nearly 6 feet tall!  And amazingly, they are very comfortable and easy to walk in.  I love these things!


One thought on “Shopping!!

  1. AWESOME FIND!!! You’re right…. that dress must have been marked wrong! TOTAL $core for you!!!! 😀
    I almost NEVER pay full price for clothes. I always go straight to the sale rack at stores. I also love Ross, Marshall’s and I use to go to TJ Max when I lived in Texas (many years ago) but they don’t have it in my city here.

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