Sugared Wax

It’s that time of year again… you can’t make it down a grocery aisle without tripping over a bin full of halloween candy.  I managed to maneuver past most of them, but decided to pick up a $1 bag of candy corns to share at my office.   Well you know how that goes.  I tore into them on the way home (never go to the grocery hungry!) and then proceeded to eat them all day at the office.  At one point, our resident health nut joked that we were eating sugared wax and asked how we could eat something so disgusting.  Yuck.  It definitely seems different when you put it that way!Sugared wax 

I’ve managed to clean up my eating habits for the most part, shopping the outside sections of the grocery store (produce, proteins, dairy) and sticking to mostly natural foods, but I still have a sweet tooth and tend to gobble up something sweet almost every day.  It seems I’m going through that phase my husband warned me about a few years ago (he’s 4 years older than me)… getting to that age where you can’t eat whatever you want anymore.  No more daily candy, i.e. “sugared wax”?  How depressing!!

2 thoughts on “Sugared Wax

  1. I eat healthy but I also have a HUGE sweet tooth! My “drug of chioce” (LOL) is chocolate. My sister on the other hand is a candy corn fanatic! I haven’t asked her but I bet he’s already gone through a few bags of them already! 😀

  2. I never thought of candy corn that way before….and too bad I loooooove candy corn 😦

    Yeah, I think I’m getting to that special age where I can’t eat anything I want anymore either, boooo!

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