Life (continued)

Well life is punching me in the gut today.  Do you ever have those times where you feel like everything is going wrong?  My entire 2009 feels like that, so I’m very ready for it to be over and move on to a new year.  Today’s frustrations are primarily centered around money, although as my grandmother says, “it’s just paper” so try not to worry about it.  I try.  And then I feel guilty because we should be happy that my husband and I both have decent jobs and no real money issues, but darnit… it’s so maddening when you save and save for something, and then right when it’s at your finger tips, life happens and you have to backtrack. 

Suddenly the IRS has found an error in our tax return from 2 years ago and is demanding additional taxes – no doubt to help fund all the exorbitant initiatives being pushed through in Washington these days.  Why don’t they chase all those government officials that have evaded their taxes for years?IRSThen we decided to sell some stock, which had been pretty stable recently, only to have the price sky-rocket just 2 days after selling.  Grrrr!!!  Then yesterday we had a plummer come out to look at a couple of small leaks at our house, only to find out they were not so small and involved $400 worth of repairs.  Lovely.  Add all of that to all of the accessories we’ve had to purchase recently for our new biking adventure (yeah, the bike is only a fraction of what you need!) and that basically that wipes out the other plans we had for that money.  Oh well, thus is life I suppose. 

I will force myself to remember all of the people that are struggling right now just to put food on the table or keep the electricity turned on and remind myself that we are blessed with our health and our loving,  supportive families.

I need a good workout to clear my mind.  Off to the gym.

Daily Meal Tracker –  SoyJoy mango bar and yogurt with strawberries for breakfast, chicken over roasted corn and black beans with a side salad for lunch, not sure about dinner since it will be at a business function.  I’m sure there will be dessert!

One thought on “Life (continued)

  1. Oh man…. I know what you mean. Biking really does add up! But you brought up a good point…. I guess there are people who are in worse situations 😦 I’ll have to keep that in mind myself. I tend to freak out about money issues too.


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