Weekend Recovery

Whoa.  I am quite sore today.  9.3 miles running and 6 miles biking can do that to you.   My new pic (top right) was from our UT tailgate on Saturday.  The game was awful – our quarterback is horrendous.  I’ll just think of it as a fun outing with 100,000 of my orange-clad friends, plus good exercise to/from our car and climbing up the neverending stairs to our top-row seats.

The 15k on Sunday was my worst ever.  First of all, if you’re built like me (curvy), do not EVER run over 5 miles in shorts.  I won’t go into details but it’s quite painful.  Plus, it was extremely hilly, much moreso than the trails I usually run, so I had to resort to walking a few of the up-hills to conserve my energy.  And finally, did you guys know food takes about 2 days for your body to process?  My husband’s football trainers at UT used to tell them to eat well Wednesday and Thursday because that’s what they’d be playing on Saturday.  So I guess the burgers and breakfast bonanza Thursday and Friday were not such a good idea before a long race.  I must say it was quite embarassing to be passed by men and women in their 70’s.   However, I did finish, so all was not lost.  I’m going to start posting my [slow] race times on the running link. 

My husband finally found a bicycle over the weekend so we can start riding together.  I got mine on Craigslist but he couldn’t find one that was right for him so we ended up getting a really nice all-carbon road bike at a local bicycle shop called Cycology.  Although the price was equal to that of a used car, it was a great price considering the brand and frame materials, and the fact that it was orange was a nice perk. 

My husband, Bill, and his new toy.

My husband, Bill, and his new toy.


Daily Meal Tracker – Green monster smoothie for breakfast, baked potato with salsa and Light ‘N Fit yogurt for lunch, light popcorn for snack, lean ground beef lettuce wraps for dinner.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recovery

  1. Hi…. I just saw your post on AAFL about the pyrex ramekins. I totally agree with you. I use them EVERY DAY. I bring my breakfast and lunch to work every day (and blog about it). Those are the PERFECT size! 😀
    Anyway, I’m glad I found your website! My hubby and I are both runners and we JUST got new bikes 2 months ago. We are loving our new activity! We even got a trailer to pull our babies along with us. It was either that or leave them home alone. LOL! I’ll have to bookmark your blog so I can return and see how your running and biking are going!

    • That’s funny. I’ll add your blog too! Good luck with the running & biking. I am excited about the bikes because it’s the first fitness activity we can do together!

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