Back to Work and Biking!

Back to work from the holiday weekend.  Normally I’d be pretty bummed, but I bought my first adult road bike yesterday and am excited to get through the work day and take it for a spin on the Greenbelt near my office.  Woohoo!  I tried it out in my neighborhood last night and managed to stay upright.  You know what they say… you never forget how to ride a bike. 

My new road bike, a Trek 1.2.

My new road bike, a Trek 1.2.

I survived the weekend without too much overeating until Sunday, and then I turned into the Cookie Monster!  But alas, I ran 7 miles Saturday and also walked a lot Sunday and biked on Monday,  so I don’t think it will kill me.  Below is a view of the UT game Saturday – awesome! 

Pre-Game, Running through the "T"

Pre-Game, Running through the "T"

Daily Meal Tracker:  Green monster smoothie for breakfast,  large salad with ham and veggies for lunch, pineapple for snack, pork roast and veggies with milk for dinner.

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