Is everyone wearing their team colors?  I’m decked out in full gaudy orange today… orange and white polka dot dress, orange belt, orange “T” earrings, orange ring, even a hint of orange in my makeup.  =)  UT’s home opener at Neyland Stadium is tomorrow, and for those that aren’t from the South, football is craziness down here and this is the beginning of a 4-month football frenzy.


Neyland Stadium, Home of the Volunteers - Knoxville, Tennessee

Despite the football madness, tailgate parties, and calorie-laden food, I can be strong and not over-indulge.  Besides, I’m in marathon-training mode so I won’t feel too good for my 7-mile run Sunday if I’m bloated!  For breakfast today I decided to try something I saw on Angie’s Appetite, a Nutella berry breakfast sandwich.  It was amazing!  Although I probably shouldn’t have tried to eat it while driving.  A strawberry escaped and got chocolate on my dress in at least 4 places.  Thank goodness for Tide To Go pens!

Daily Meal Tracker – Nutella banana berry sandwich; salad and 1/2 hummus sandwich for lunch; bowl of white chicken chili from Ruby Tuesday for dinner (this is a healthy but tasty soup that always fills me up for only about 220 calories, and vegetarians can ask them to hold the chicken, it’s great both ways), milk.

Banana and Nutella Sandwich, before adding strawberries.

Banana and Nutella Sandwich, before adding strawberries.


One thought on “GO VOLS!

  1. Isn’t football season so much fun?!? Unfortunately I live near Philly, where college ball is not as poular, and the Eagles fans are INSANE and really not fun like they are down south. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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