Post Vacation Monday

After an amazing vacation on Captiva Island, Florida, I’m back at work and back to my healthy eating habits.  Funny how those go right out the door when you’re on vacation!  But we did exercise.  They had a great gym and spa, although we got most of our exercise walking around the resort, swimming, and fighting the waves.  I also discovered that jogging on the beach is much harder than I ever imagined and a swarm of mosquitos can really disrupt a good workout, yet it was well worth it to endulge in Bubble Room cake that’s worth every single icing-drenched calorie. 

Daily Meal Tracker:  Green monster smoothie for breakfast; red-pepper hummus wraps for snack; salad with almonds, feta, tomato, cucumber, and orangy poppyseed vinaigrette for lunch; chicken, veggies, and a glass of milk for dinner.

I found this picture of a green monster smoothie.  It looks so much more inspiring than the one I took! 

Green Monster Smoothie

Green Monster Smoothie


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