Finally Friday

Friday at last, another weekend and off to Nashville for the NFL Titans & Buccaneers game (wearing red for the Bucs of course).

I had a PMS hunger attack last night and ate 2 cheese dogs and a big bowl of ice cream.  Thank goodness I ran 4 miles at lunch yesterday, although that hardly makes up for the calories I ate – yikes!  OK focus, focus, focus… think BEACH in 2 weeks!!!  Do I want to be bloated in a bikini?  Um, no. 

Do you know what I don’t understand?  Why do clothing stores still have flourescent lighting and un-flattering cheap mirrors?  Don’t they know a little extra money invested in some soft lighting and “nice” mirrors would greatly improve sales?  I don’t know about you, but even the best dress looks awful under flourescent lights! 

Daily Meal Tracker:  SoyJoy mango cocunut bar and Light ‘n Fit yogurt for breakfast, peanut butter & banana on whole-wheat sandwich for lunch, nectarine for snack, and bunless burger with side of veggies for dinner.  I’ll try and avoid the ice cream tonight I for whatever reason seem to be collecting it in my freezer – I pick up a new one every time I got to the grocery these days!

SoyJoy Mango Coconut Bars

SoyJoy Mango Coconut Bars

PB & Banana Sandwich
PB and Banana Sandwich
You should try the SoyJoy bars – they’re actually very good!

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