Rainy Wednesday

I keep hearing that some areas of the country are in a drought, so all the rain clouds must be stuck over Knoxville.  I wish it would stop raining!!  I guess I am staying indoors to workout today.

In order to make this blog more beneficial and interesting to others, I guess I should start taking pictures of things or food I’m talking about.  I usually blog before work though and getting pictures on here just adds more time.  Hmm.  I’m mainly doing this blog to journal my health journey, but I’d also like it to be helpful to others that maybe share similar traits or interests and need a boost.  Suggestions anyone?

Daily MealTracker:  8oz blueberry smoothie with 1/2 peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, Couscous with blackbeans and salsa for lunch, angel food cake with fruit for snack, bunless cheeseburger and grilled corn on the cob for dinner, with frozen yogurt and strawberries for dessert.


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