Thunderous Tuesday

OK so it’s not thundering yet, but my weather radar says it’s coming.  I hit the grocery and then spent 2 hours prepping food last night.  I typically prep food at least once per week, packing up fruit, veggies, salads, leftovers, and anything else I’ll be using for meals and snacks that week.  Then I basically “shop” my refrigerator when packing my lunch and snacks each day.  It can be pretty time consuming, especially if I’m cooking, but it saves me time throughout the week and negates the excuse of not having time to eat healthy. 

Daily Meal Tracker:  Stawberry peach smoothie for breakfast, cucumber apricot cream-cheese sandwich for lunch, strawberries and pineapple with yogurt for snack, salmon and lima beans for dinner.

Changing subjects from internal to external, let’s talk sun damage.  If I could change anything about my youth, I’d slather on sunscreen and forego sun-bathing.  I wasn’t nearly as bad as many others I knew, but I guess my skin is very sensitive to the damage because now at 29, I’m covered in little brown spots thanks to my years of skipping sunscreen.  I have an appointment tonight to get the first of 6 micro-derm and mild chemical peels to help get rid of them, but it would have been so much easier and cheaper just to use sunscreen!  I’m a little nervous, mainly because I don’t like anyone to look at my skin imperfections that closely!  However I’m hopeful that it will help fix my problem so I don’t feel so uncomfortable without makeup.  Does anyone else have this problem?


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