Monday Blues

Ugh, another Monday.  Even worse, the type of bloated Monday that follows a little too much sugar and not enough exercise over the weekend.  We are travelling almost every weekend until the end of August, so food choices are much more difficult.  You can’t be overly picky at someone else’s house, although I could have easily stopped at the first (or second or fifth) handful of M&M’s. 

But alas, I’m off to a better start today.  I have 5 cucumbers from a friend’s garden that I need to use up.  I’ll make some cucumber salsa and cucumber appricot sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.  Daily Meal Tracker:  Green monster smoothie, Healthy Choice pasta for lunch, blueberries and granola bar for snack, snack dinner while prepping food (peanut butter, cucumbers, honey, bit of salmon, raisins, frozen yogurt with strawberries).


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