Sweet Potato Fries

We went to Outback for dinner last night. Not one of my favorites since I rarely eat red meat, but they do often have a couple good seafood dishes. Well, forget about meat… from now on I will just eat a big plate of sweet potato fries! They were amazing, by far the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot). They had a sweet honey drizzle on them that gave just the right touch of sweetness and nixed the need for dipping sauce. I also tried the sample-size portion of peanut butter pie, which was almost as amazing as the sweet potato fries, and I was shocked how big and filling even the sample size was. I ended up taking half of it home.

Daily Meal Tracker: Green monster smoothie, cucumber salad with cream cheese sauce for lunch, blueberries and nuts for snack, Outback leftovers for dinner (tilapia with crab topping, mixed veggies, sweet potato fries, 1/4 peanut butter pie).

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