Time for Tuesday

Another day, another green monster smoothie.  I love these things.  Everyone at work is making fun of how strange it looks, but I gave them the recipe and supposedly they’re going to try it for themselves.  I think they’ll be suprised how much it tastes like a peanut butter banana milkshake.  I actually had a variation of one for dinner last night too.  I didn’t feel like cooking, and these drinks are the perfect meal because they incoporate every single food group.  Last night I blended frozen strawberries, almond butter, chocolate frozen yogurt,  milk, spinach, and ice.  It looked and tasted similar to a bland chocolate banana milkshake, not as good as the Green Monster, but decent and easier than cooking.

I managed to get a full 8 hours of sleep last night, so I feel more energized today.  I managed to get a little over 3 miles in 30 minutes at lunch, followed by about 20 minutes of strength-training with free-weights. 

Daily Meal Tracker:  Green monster smoothie for breakfast, 8 Saltines for pre-workout snack, lunch is baked salmon with lemon zuchinni and blackberries, dinner will be the chicken fajita lettuce wraps I didn’t get around to yesterday.  Maybe a little frozen yogurt for dessert.


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