Welcome to Wednesday

My first day of blogging – exciting!  I just wrapped up a 4-mile jog on my lunch break (training for the Disney Marathon in January).  I’m blessed that my office backs up to a huge park system and lunch workouts are encouraged – in fact they allow up to 1.5 hour for lunch for that reason, yet some people still don’t take advantage.  I don’t get it!

I had a banana nut LaraBar for breakfast, baked chips with nectarine salsa for a pre-workout snack, coconut rice medley and some watermelon for lunch.  Not sure about dinner yet.  One challenge I have on a regular basis is how to stop eating once I’ve started.  I do pretty well at making healthy choices most of the time, but even healthy foods can be overeaten.  It’s like shopping, I’m fine until I go in the store, and then I can’t seem to resist buying.  I was still wanting something more after my salmon and broccoli dinner last night, so I reached for my favorite dry-roasted macadamia nuts and a Baker’s dark chocolate square.  Could have been much worse, but it only takes a few macadamia nuts to blow your daily calorie / fat needs, so it’s easy to overdo it.  Hmm… new challenge…how to stop overeating and recognize when I’m satisfied.


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